Vacuuming is actually good for your rug as it removes the abrasive elements that can break down the fibers of your rug. Care should be taken to not use an overly aggressive vacuum cleaner. All that you really need is a light suction to clean your rug. If you must use a beater bar, it should be set at the highest setting away from the surface of the rug.


When it comes time to thoroughly clean your rug, either bring your rug in (no appointments needed) or give us a call. Pick up and delivery is available. Contact us if you would like to find out more about our rug cleaning service.


Turning your rugs in a different direction is a good idea to promote even wear. There is no clear timetable but rather it is a function of the amount of traffic the rug receives.


Rug rotation is also a good idea if there is direct sunlight hitting the rug. The idea is to even out the possible fading caused by the sun.

Rug Pads

The Rug Studio offers a variety of rug pads for many different applications. We can help you decide which is best for your rug. Free samples are always available. Once you select your favorite rug, it's important to protect your investment with a quality pad. And, not all pads are created equal. Our premium rug pads are designed to keep your rug smoothly in place while extending its beauty and life. The rug pad's primary function is to keep the rug properly positioned, preventing it from sliding and wrinkling. It is equally important to have a rug pad in order to protect your floor from abrasion from the back of the rug and/or grit that may get between your floor and the rug.

Spot Cleaning

Accidents do happen. That's where spot cleaning knowledge will come in handy. When spillage occurs, we recommend scooping it up with a kitchen spoon or similar and then blotting the area with a clean white towel. Depending on the substance and the fabric of your rug, many spills can come up with repeated blotting with plain water. If the spill is a little more stubborn, consider using a few drops of a Ph neutral detergent such as Ivory or Woolite in a mixing bowl of water (a little detergent goes a long way!) After scrubbing, be sure to continue blotting the spot until you have removed all of the substance AND detergent.

Restoration & Repair

From time to time a rug may be in need of repair and in some cases restoration. We are happy to provide recommendations and price estimates on all rugs. Our most common issues include fringe repair/removal, rebinding, and resizing.